• Apothecary Nightshade Chile Chicory Bitters

Apothecary Nightshade Chile Chicory Bitters


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Nightshade - In the desert air, smoke will rise...


Our Nightshade chile chicory bitters are a bold and complex bitters, perfect for the fall and winter. Inspired by the desert and with nods to staple ingredients in Mexican cuisine, these bitters are a wonderful combination of spicy heat, light smokey notes and a rich and earthy backbone. As they progress, savour the flavors of several types of chiles, cinnamon, chicory and other dark botanicals and spices.


Spirits: These bitters are quite versatile and can add a little something extra to a variety of cocktails and spirits. They are obviously at home with agave based spirits but also play great with rye and dark rums.


Ideas: The simplest ways to start with these bitters are in a Mezcal Manhattan or a rye Old Fashioned.


Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of earthy chiles, smoke, kola, cinnamon and chocolate.

The taste reinforces the aromas with added notes of spice, dark fruit and a nice bitter.


ABV: 45%